• Researching of destinations, hotels/resorts, flight itineraries that fit your needs and budget.

  • Answers to questions from trusted sources - anytime you have a question you can just send me a quick message!

  • Handling the booking process for all aspects of travel including ground transportation, excursions and tours.

  • Providing support prior to travel -  managing schedule changes/ delays/ flight cancellations etc.

  • Providing support during travel - assisting with any issues that may arise while you are on your trip.

  • Competitive Pricing - I have access to a wide range of travel suppliers who typically have the same - and often better - pricing than the competitors you book with online!

    As your travel agent, my main focus is on getting you the best travel experience possible. I do the work for you, which in most cases can take many hours, and I am here to offer my assistance anytime you need! I provide personalized service based on your individual needs. Often times during travel, things don't go as planned and I am here to help whether your flight has been cancelled or the hotel can't find your reservation.
    Don't call a call center - call me!